Show where your business is location on the map. Here are some examples:

Adding Multiple Markers

Add your own marker by uploading an image file under Edit Address> Marker> Custom. You can add your own text to display in the marker under Edit Address> Info Text> Show Info Text> select Yes. Add you information in the visual editor. Scroll down under Disable info window on load select No if you wish to display then information when the map is loaded. Select Yes to display the information only when clicked on the marker.

Adding a JSON Code

To change the map colour to your preference you will need to add a JSON query. You can get this visit Create your own style or just select an existing style, then expand the javascript style array, expand the code. Just copy and paste this code in your JSON visual box.

Select a Map type

Set a preferred map view of your choice under General> Map Type> select one of the 4 options. Here you can also set the zoom level and mouse wheel control.